A service that's tailored, just for you

Do you need some help with a certain aspect of your software implementation project? Would you like an experienced professional to own a certain function within your project, or do you just require someone to come in for a day or a few hours to get things moving? I can provide a host of services that are tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Vendor Selection.jpg

Software/Vendor Selection

Whether you are looking for an off the shelf product or selecting a vendor to partner with and develop your bespoke solution, I can help you every step of the way - from obtaining quotes with pricing, to assessing software/vendor capabilities and negotiating contracts.

Project Management 3.jpg

Project Management

Sometimes even the smallest of projects can get out of hand. I can offer a project management service to suit your need and phase of the project, such as project initiation, planning, controlling, and closing the work of a team. I can guarantee to help you set the goals that are achievable on time and within budget. 

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Business Analysis

Do you require a modification to an important business system, or could you benefit from an assessment of your operational or financial processes? I can help with documenting system changes in a language that can be understood by developers, and I can map out AS IS processes, to highlight issues and provide appropriate solutions to meet your needs.



I understand that resources can become a bit tight as you are busy growing your business and the risk of implementing a new system, or modification to a system can be a high risk activity. I can provide either ad hoc or regular testing activities to your business or simply automate a regression test suite so that nobody has to worry about this in the future!